Today’s Practice: 30 May 2011

Recapping this a day late since I was exhausted yesterday…

Since it’s finally nice outside, I’ve been itching to go for a run but have postponed it every day in favor of yoga. Obviously it’s possible (and healthy!) to do both, but time constraints usually force me to choose one or the other, and you know how I love my yoga time. But yesterday I updated my iPod with some dope new beats and hit the streets, and DAMN I should run more often. I felt great afterwards, though my face was melting, and I am definitely feeling a healthy burn in my legs today.

My yoga practice was pretty fantastic as well. As I mentioned, I wanted to try yogayak’s Grounding Afternoon Practice, available for free on YouTube. This practice is led by Dagmar of Montezuma Yoga in Montezuma, Costa Rica, which made me wish I was anywhere but a smelly dorm room in Massachusetts. Her style of instruction is very simple and calming. Unlike other instructors, she does not feel the need to fill silence with comments and allows you to hold poses quietly which I really enjoyed. The practice itself was a fairly standard intermediate vinyasa flow, beginning with sun salutations, transitioning into warriors 1, 2 and 3, and ending with other basic poses like pigeon, half moon and wheel. At the end of the practice, I was feeling so calm from the yoga and so tired from my run that I stayed in shivasana for about 20 minutes. 


Yogayak’s videos are not the highest quality, and if your computer speakers are as horrible as mine, then you may want to try connecting your computer to a TV or at least a better set of speakers before watching these videos. Still, full length practices are rarely available for free, especially at the intermediate level, so I would still recommend this video for a satisfying, standard yoga practice. Be careful though, if you’re at all like me then you’ll catch a travel bug from this video and start checking out Montezuma Yoga’s retreat schedule and flight prices to Costa Rica immediately afterwards!